Crossword is a fun game to play online. It challenges all players to complete crosswords on a given board. You will complete the daily challenge in this free online crossword game. You can play each day in turn to earn a bonus of 50 points, or you can use the daily crossword to go back to the days you missed.

This game requires players to be meticulous and flexible in arranging crosswords. It is a useful entertainment that can still exercise the mind during the game. Many parents use Crossword to entertain their children after a long day at school, and they can also participate in the game to unwind. As a result, they will understand their children better and the children can also improve their vocabulary, learn interesting new facts and improve their critical thinking.

Crossword online is now available and you can play it in your web browser for free.

How Does Crossword Work?

Crossword gives you a large square filled with small black and white squares. The ultimate goal of Crossword is to fill in all the blanks with your answer. In addition, the white squares are also numbered in order so that players can match each question with a specific answer position.

Players will fill the answers in the white boxes across and down with separate clues. The answers are connected together, so if players get a correct answer, they will also have one or more letter suggestions for the next answers.

Completing all the answers correctly means you have won the game. There will be a lot of difficult crosswords and completing them is an achievement you can be proud of.

How to play

On the right side of the screen, there will be a list of all the suggestions for the words you need to find. Accordingly, the Across section is for words in the horizontal row and the Down section is for words in the vertical row.

It is recommended that if you are a beginner, you should start with easy challenges and work your way up, take it step by step. You'll need to prepare yourself with a sharpening pencil or two and an eraser, but first, read the information below to see what steps you should take to tackle Crossword.

Solve fill-in-the-blank clues first

The hardest part of the Crossword that the player will face is explaining the meaning of the clues and finding the correct answer. The clues provided can be worded in a variety of ways, so a novice may have difficulty understanding the meaning of the clues. You should prioritize solving the fill-in-the-blank clues first because they are the easiest ones. That way, you'll have a list of answers to work with. From that list of answers, try to solve as many squares as you can, then start at number 1, across, and down. Don't worry if you come across an uncertain answer as you can correct it.

Skim through the clues again

You will go back to the beginning and consider the clues one more time. You now have a few characters pre-written thanks to the answers just completed. Maybe, a correct answer will appear in your memory. You need to make sure that the letters also fit into the other numbered squares.
Keep repeating this step until you can't find any more answers

Think about the topic

If you can't solve the clues in the two above ways, think about the topic. Usually, this is considered the key to solving Crossword.

Reason Logically to find the missing letters

There are many syllables in the English language and only a few letters will work with both crosswords. The player's job now is to guess if they match.

Common clues

Players will be given a word or phrase and must think of synonyms to fill in the position.
Filling in the blank
A clue including a blank is given, the player's task is to fill in that gap.
Clues give an acronym and you find the answer to that acronym
This clue is presented as a question, with the answer usually being one of the first words that come to mind.
Phrases that don't belong in the dictionary
Sometimes Crossword will also use non-dictionary phrases as answers.

There may also be indirect clues. They are often abstract clues related to puns such as metaphors. They require the player to apply some lateral thinking in response. This type of clue is usually accompanied by a question mark at the end or a complement.

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