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Family Feud

Family Feud online game is inspired by the American TV show of the same name. This is a longtime show with its first debut in 1976. It is known throughout the countries all over the world and is a hugely influential game. Most of the Family Feud questions are based on actual survey responses.

If you are a fan of Family Feud, you will definitely want to play Family Feud on pc or mobile device. You can play alone against an online opponent or against someone you know.

Where to Play Family Feud?

Currently, people can play Family Feud on mobile apps, on PC, or play directly on web browsers. However, for each choice, there will be certain differences in mode and rules of the game.

If you play on the official Family Feud app, you will have 2 game modes, Classic and Fast Money. Both modes require the player to guess the answer to the questions but differ in the number of questions and the number of answers given. If Classic mode is directly inspired by the first three rounds of the TV show, Fast Money mode follows the same rules but requires a single answer to five different questions. Additionally, there are extra features included, which are Game Invites, In-app purchases, Tournaments, and VIP tournaments.

Meanwhile, Family Feud on the web browser allows players to play online fast and effortlessly. The rules have been somewhat altered in comparison to the mobile and computer versions. There are no multiple game modes; instead, there is a single game mode that combines both the gameplay of the Classic and Fast Money. However, the Family Feud online game attracts a large number of players.

How to play

Playing free online is a great option if you don't want to download apps or play Family Feud on pc. However, as it is a browser-based game and not a complete mobile app, there are bound to be some differences from the Family Feud Live app.

Specifically, in this game, there will be only two contestants with each timed round. The task of the players is to guess the answer to the question on the board to win. Usually, each question in Family Feud will have more than one answer, but the most popular answers - chosen by the survey respondents at most will give the player the highest points.

To start the game you will have to go through three rounds of quizzes. At each round, you give the best answer to each question before time runs out. After going through the first 3 rounds, if you win, you will be directed to the "Fast Money" round to get more points.

The "Fast Money" round is the most popular and recognizable element of Family Feud. This round consists of five questions that follow the same format as the previous three. Each "Fast Money" question, on the other hand, has a distinct topic, and you only have one guess. You passed if your total score for all of your answers is greater than 100, and you will receive an additional 500 points.

How to Find Family Feud Answers?

Whether you choose to play Family Feud on the app or online, one thing remaining the same is that you need certain clever tips or tricks to win. Winning at Family Feud depends on whether you are faster than your opponent, not just on the answer. If you are a fan of Family Feud TV show and want to try this game or you are having trouble finding the answer, the following things can help you find Family Feud answers.

Answer from others’ perspective: You ought to stand on the position of the majority to give your answer. Try your best to avoid personal thoughts when reading a question. Instead, think about the question from the point of view of most people.

Don't be too specific: Look at the fact that answers to Family Feud questions are all based on TV show surveys to find the most common ones, not the most accurate. The more popular the answer is, the higher the score you get. So, start with the answers that you think will bring the most points. In case you run out of options, then try more specific options.

Know when to guess and when not to: Not every question requires players to guess. If you already have three warnings, you have to be even more careful with this. One thing to keep in mind is that for each wrong answer, you will be deducted points. You can completely let the time pass without giving any answers if you are ahead. You will not lose points in this case.

Wish you have the most convincing victories against opponents in Family Feud. Hope the above information is of use.

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